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The Main Commercial Purpose of High Impact Polypropylene

Impact resistant polypropylene is used in the main business use of injection molded parts of automobile, home appliances, utensils. Its shock resistance, low density, process capability and color performance makes it an ideal material. With high melt flow rate of secondary flow impact resistant resin grades have high performance, the characteristics in the injection molding of large components, such as: especially useful when the car panel. High capacity have lower melt flow rate of the resin (usually less than 2), can be converted to penetration resistance excellent film, the film impact resistance and resistance to the steam sterilization ability, suitable for one-off medical waste bags. Extrusion sheet can be used to heat molding in processed into big and thick parts, such as: automobile industry of the guard and car trunk liner. Elastomer components modified polypropylene, the mechanism of shock resistance in material impact, can be induced stress whitening. Most purposes is based on elastic components dispersion in pp matrix. Based on the concept of on the contrary, is developing a new bumper. As a result, the composite structure formed a molecule.
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