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PP homopolymer market application

P homopolymer can use all kinds of processing technology, production of a wide range of products.   Extruded products is the biggest market of consumption of PP, the textile fiber and monofilament is one of the biggest part. PP has long been manufactured fiber is the main raw material, it is because it tinting strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance and favorable economic conditions. Orientation and the film's second big extruded products market, and is to continue to keep growth areas. Next, injection molding products is the second largest market of PP homopolymer, including containers, seal, automotive applications, home appliances, toys and many other consumer and industrial aspects of the end use. Many choose polypropylene blow molding containers, because of its good moist insulation performance and enough clear degree. In view of the new demand for plastic products in the future, PP homopolymer will continue to grow. Good economic conditions, good mechanical properties and light weight, strong tinting strength and easy processing features, will continue to depend on the PP as the material of choice for many applications of this century.
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