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Linzi, a famous industrial city, is gestated by great Qilu culture. With the brilliance of economic development of Linzi, Shandong Kairi Group is flourishing on this wealthy land and goes towards a more glorious and splendid future. Shandong Kairi Group (formerly known as Shandong Kairi Chemical Co., Ltd.), founded in 2001 and headquartered at Linzi of Zibo, the cradle of Qi Culture, has become a modern diversified enterprise mainly engaged in chemical industry and integrating trade, house property, metal minerals, etc. with convenient traffic conditions abundant supply of raw materials from Qilu petrochemical industrial zone. Our group now consists of 11 subsidiaries and has more than 2,300 employees after years of hard work and under the strong support of party committees at all levels and customers, the total assets amount to RMB 7 billion. Adhering to the concept of scientific development and guided by “Survival by Quality, Development by Credit”, Shandong Kairi Group makes full efforts to create its brand in the enterprise spirit of “Teamwork, Talent, Struggle, Innovation”. Based on sophisticated talent concept and powerful economic strength, we gather an array of professional talents and introduce advanced production equipment at home and abroad, providing strong technical guarantee for group’s take-off. With hundreds of categories, our products mainly involve in various industries such as propylene, polypropylene, unsaturated resin, modified resin, polyether, polyester, polyurethane, rare earth and finishing, real estate development, metal minerals, greases and oils, domestic and foreign trade, etc. More opportunities and challenges for China in the new century. Backed up by our geographical advantage and talent advantage, we will extract its broad humanistic quintessence from the Qi Culture and build the foundation of vigorous development together. We believe that tomorrow will be better with our continuous efforts and innovation.